The Recondition Method is Ideal for Increasing The Lifetime of Your Batteries

Did you know there is a method that can extend the life of batteries you buy? Reconditioning a battery is not the same as recharging it and there are several methods that can extend the usable life of various batteries.

The most basic method for extending the life of your battery is to place it overnight in your freezer before recharging it the next day.

This is a simple process that requires conditioning the battery by placing it in the freezer for three nights and using a charger during the day each time.

The ability to recondition batteries has led to a business for many entrepreneurs who sell reconditioned batteries that have been refrigerated and are ready to charge when you take them home. Special chargers are available for this purpose.

The first condition is the type of battery to be reconditioned. A lead acid battery is used in cars and this is perhaps the easiest to recondition. It's well known that a solution of Epsom salts can remove the build up that can keep a car battery from performing.

Nicad (or Ni-Cd) batteries are the rechargeable batteries you may have purchased. These are easy to recondition. If you have NiCad batteries, try reconditioning them as they'll keep a charge almost as long as when the battery was brand new.

Cell Phone

Cell phone batteries are not cheap and with daily use you may find your phone battery just doesn't work as well as it used to. You can recondition that battery easily without any special tools needed.

Let your cell phone battery run down until it shuts off the phone. Don't recharge it but instead wait 30 minutes, turn the phone back on and let it run down and turn itself off a second time.

At this point the battery will be fully discharged. Then charge the battery and leave it on the charger for 30-60 minutes after it indicated the charging is complete.

Use your phone as usual and let the battery run down again until it shuts off the phone. Repeat the process above and then do the same a third time.

The reconditioning will take a few days but after three cycles you will have a cell phone battery that is working much more efficiently. This method will work only if the battery is so depleted it won't hold a charge.

After you have gone through the cycles to strengthen the battery, recharge it only after it runs down each time. If you charge more often, you may need to repeat the reconditioning steps every 3-4 months.

Use Batteries Wisely

Whether using a cell phone or a laptop, battery life is important. You not only want a newly charged battery to work to a good length of time but you also want to avoid replacing expensive batteries as much as possible.

Cell phone and laptop batteries will continue to hold a charge longer if you allow them to totally become depleted before recharging them. A fully discharged battery rebuilds itself during the charging process.


From cell phones to automobiles - battery life is a concern for consumers. There are many ways to recondition a battery with a method that will extend the usable life.

While you can find businesses that will sell you reconditioned batteries or may even provide a service to recondition your own batteries, that's the most expensive option.

An economical alternative is to learn to recondition your own batteries. It's not difficult and will save on replacement costs.

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