Aerosol Can Recycling: A look at the top companies offering aerosol crushing units

Recycling aerosol cans remains an important part of environment sustainability. A number of companies has stepped up their efforts to engineer aerosol can crushing systems or other such units so that it becomes easier for municipalities or waste management companies to deal with huge amounts of hazardous waste streams. Let’s have a look at the top 5 names in this regard.

Eko Environmental: Making it to the top of our list is Eko Environmental, a division of MacLean Engineering with its roots in Canada. This privately owned company has been notably striving to meet the demands of environment sustainability. The firm has designed an impeccable product line of effective “Turn Key" systems which has the proven efficacy in tackling the most common hazardous waste streams of the planet. The impeccable product range boasts of The HazPak, FilterPak and Wire Pak series.

The HazPak or the Hazardous Packaging Series has been engineered to divert up to hundred percent of the aerosol can contents from the empty landfills. The well functional technology covers everything including the recapture of liquids, gases and metals as well as the compression of gases to liquid form.

Filter Pak is an automatic filter crushing system with the capacity to handle both the truck style and automotive oil filters.

The WirePak systems which can create up to 400 lbs of wire per hour are created to crush loose wires, produced during the recycling of truck tires.

Tee Mark Manufacturing: With its headquarters in Aitkin, Minnesota, Tee Marks manufactures aerosol cans, paint can and drum packing/crushing units with compaction ratios up to 18:1. Established in the year 1987, this company, with its impeccable commitment to quality has earned a name for itself in the fields of waste volume reduction, waste compaction, foundry ladle production and pre recycling processing.

Beacon Engineering: This one remains a well-recognized name in the aerosol industry owing to its superior line of aerosol can crushers. It’s EVAC and EVAC JR aerosol can crusher and product recovery system consist of models which are able to crush 300 to 2500 cans per hour. The most amazing aspect of these machineries is that they are able to render 95% of the contents for reuse. The entire unit includes:

  • Vertical tube taper
  • Horizontal and vertical extension tube tapers
  • Items required for automating taping of extension tubes to the cans at speeds up to 250 cpm

The machines offered by this company are known for their durability and superior workmanship.

SRS Engineering Corporation: SRS Engineering Corporation specializes in industrial equipment manufacturing. Aerosol can crushers are part of their product portfolio with the other products being:

  • Drum compactor
  • Washer systems
  • Biodiesel plants
  • Storage Tanks
  • Column distillation

Their Aerosol Can Crushing units (alternately known as the ARC series) are utilized for crushing, draining and checking VOCs from triggering degradation of the ozone layers. United States Military, hazardous waste collection firms, municipalities and large sized paint manufacturing companies can make use of these machineries. The range of machines, thus manufactured, can handle 250 to 3000 cans per hour.

Aerosolv: Aerosolv remains the first and the sole aerosol can recycling technology to be verified by the EPA or the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The comprehensive product range includes several aerosol can disposal systems with the puncturing units, safety goggles, anti-static wire and combination coalescing activated carbon filter, automatic shut off valve, advanced puncturing device and aerosolv counter. The aerosolv makes for a cost effective option for small businesses.

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