The Pros and Cons of Portable Solar Energy for RV's

The availability of portable solar energy for RV's is one of the most appreciated solar applications today. People who have never experienced vacations or lifestyles of those who travel in recreational vehicles may not understand the mentality of RV users.

RV owners are an independent lot but are open to any new products that make life on the road easier or more comfortable. Most RVers are also frugal. Even the fellow driving a $60,000 house on wheels will save money whenever he can. The frugal nature is part of the RV mentality.

You do not see as many RVs on the roadways today as you did ten or twenty years ago. This is most often due to high fuel rates and a struggling economy. Many young families who would participate in the RV experience simply cannot afford to. You will see them in campground with tents and they also are interested the products that will improve ease and comfort.

Solar Travel Kits Provide Portable Solar Energy for RV's

RV travelers love solar energy and were some of the first to fully utilize both solar panels and solar appliances. RV's are designed to use as little electrical energy as possible as most campground provide only a basic electrically plug on site.

For self contained RV's, pull behind camping trailers, tent campers or for boats, a solar electric system is important. This kit includes everything and multiple kits can be linked together to provide additional power.

The systems are offered in a variety that can be matched to the type of traveling you do. A small system is perfect for the needs of a weekend or occasional traveler while bigger kits can meet the demands even for full time RV living.

The main element of portable solar energy for RV's included in such a kit is a silicon solar panel that is unbreakable and is shadow protected. These can be used on the roof of an RV or a boat deck even in harsh environments.

Stainless steel is used to provide strength and protect from breakage. The kits are purchased by wattage and a $125 kit will provide portable solar energy for RV's used lightly. Add-on kits can add 32 or 64 additional watts of power.

Specialized Portable Solar Energy for RV's

In addition to solar panels for producing electricity to run RV systems, there are many products available today to help RV owners enjoy their travel time. Solar fans are extremely popular.

These may be vent fans or fans meant to provide a comfortable breeze. The kit will contain a solar panel which is connected by wires to a small fan (about 4" diameter). The fan will run continuously as long as the solar panel is in direct sun. The same kit can also be used to send some power to a 12 volt rechargeable battery.

A solar radio is an excellent addition to any RV. No worry about plugging in a power cord or using batteries that will run down. Place the radio in a sunny window or outside in the direct sunlight and it will play all day.

The solar weather radio has a reserve that can be charged during the day to provide radio use at night. Most solar radios also can double as a flashlight and an emergency blinker. This is a useful product that sells for as little as $25 and is very popular with RV travelers. It's also handy as part of an emergency kit in areas where tornadoes or hurricanes are common.

Driving through any campground at night you will notice RVs with solar lights displayed at the entrance. Solar lights are affordable and take up little space in the mobile unit. Installation is as simple as sticking a pointed stake a few inches into the ground. The small solar cell on the top of the light absorbs energy from the sun during the day and provides power to the lights after dark.

Portable solar energy for RV's can take many forms. One of the most original uses may be the cooling hat. Shaped in a way similar to a standard ball cap, the solar hat uses the energy from the sun to keep you cool on a hot day. Campers love their gadgets and this is a product they can use when traveling and at home. At only $16, the cool hat is a best seller in camping stores.

Dedicated RVers like products that are unique and can lead to conversation. The RV lifestyle is independent but also social. There is perhaps no place on earth where strangers meet in a friendly way that can surpass an RV park.

If what you want is a hook that will help you meet new people, you might consider the solar safari cool hat. This weatherproof straw hat mimics a safari hat design with it's wide brim. A small solar collector on to of the hat powers a small fan on the brim of the hat. It's practical and a conversation starter. At $35 it's also a best seller.


When you talk about the pros and cons of portable solar energy for RV's the pros definitely win out. From heating and cooling systems to silly hats, campers have been quick to adopt portable solar energy for RVers every time a new product has been introduced.

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