It's Really Easy to Generate Green Energy!

It can be very easy to create green energy once you understand a few simple renewable energy concepts. We know the power of the sun to warm us and we can feel the wind that blows. These are common natural energy sources we count on but are also valuable sources of energy to power equipment in our homes.

Wind Energy

A wind energy power system has a tower, a turbine and five blades used to harness wind energy. The height of the tower depends on location and topography of the land around your home.

If you are near the beach, a low tower will be enough as the constant winds off the ocean are dependable. For regions where wind is less reliable or the wind velocity is low, a higher tower is required.

The technology of capturing and using the energy of wind is moving ahead rapidly today. Small wind turbines are now available to mount on a fencepost or on top of a barn in rural areas.

When combined with batteries that store the energy, even a small wind turbine can provide enough energy to light your stables or barnyard at night.

The energy produced will not heat and cool the areas but can power large energy efficient ceiling fans. It's amazing when you think of catching the wind by day to create a breeze at night.

Buying a wind turbine is an expensive proposition. The installation is a large part of the cost and the combined expense of equipment and construction is beyond the budget of many homeowners and small farms.

There are do it yourself wind energy projects and books available that provide detailed supply lists and step by step instructions. For as little as $100 you can start to create some renewable energy for your home.

Solar Power

Perhaps the easiest way to generate green energy is through capturing the sun's ways and converting it to usable power. Building your own solar panel is one possibility and even a beginner can do it.

If you don't to start from scratch there are inexpensive kits available that can be constructed in the morning and provide power by afternoon of the same day.

Your goal may be to reduce your power bills or your reliance on a commercial power grid. You may be looking for a way to provide power at the far reaches of your proper or to providing lighting and cell phone use during rolling blackouts or when the power is interrupted by storms.

Make Money With Green Energy

If you utilize wind or solar power to create green energy, you can also make money that will offset the initial costs of adding alternative energy.

Unless you install expensive battery storage systems you will be capturing more energy than you need during some hours of the day but will have little or no energy at other times.

As the potential and reality of wind and solar power gained popularity, electric companies realized they could share in the green energy being produced by individuals.

In most areas of the country you can generate green energy and sell any excess power to the local power grid. Most people who do this actually trade credits with the power company.

When the sun is brightest and their solar panels are producing a lot of energy, they route that power to the local grid. At night, when the sun has set the homeowner can draw from the local power grid as a tradeoff for the energy he provided.

It's a win-win situation for power companies and for consumers. The end result is a much lower electric bill for the homeowner. For the commercial power company it provides more electricity during hot daylight hours when power consumption is highest.


There is no downside to learn how to generate green energy. It's an interesting project that rewards you with savings. As a side benefit, you also have the knowledge that you are helping preserve our natural environment through use of natural fuels.