Best Residential Wind Solar Energy

One of the latest environmental developments focused on the best residential wind solar energy combination. Solar energy is more advanced at this time than the product of wind energy. Energy from the sun caught the imagination of the public years ago. You can feel and see the sun's energy and it's easy to know where to locate a solar panel to receive maximum direct sunlight during the day.

Wind is more difficult to predict and more expensive to convert to power. Wind farms are becoming more common today as the studies of wind velocity and reliability have been completed across the country.

The potential for generating electricity by harnessing the kinetic energy of wind is now easier to predict than it was in years past. We know which parts of the country have the more constant winds to power wind turbines. We know where this technology will not be cost effective.

With the solar panels you can easily relocate a panel if it is not where you want it. If a tree grows to cast shade on your solar panel installation you take a day and move the panels to a sunnier spot.

Once a wind turbine is installed, it's an immovable object. Planning must be precise in order to generate sufficient electricity from wind turbines and the cost of each wind turbine is a significant investment.

New Idea in Power Generation

A new concept of hybrid electricity generating systems is catching the attention of scientists and environmentalists alike. This concept uses the best features of both wind power and solar power.

Using a mathematical algorithm named the SPEA (Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm) systems that incorporate more than one type of power generation are being combined for maximum efficiency.

The Pareto principle is perhaps best known as the "80-20 rule". It says 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. This principle is often used in sales seminars and training sessions because it applies to almost every scenario. The number may not be exactly 80% but the Pareto principle is a rule of thumb in all types of business projections. For example:

  • 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers.
  • 80% of the land is owned by 20% of the people.
  • 80% of your income comes from 20% of your work hours.

An algorithm is simply a fancy way to say "if you put the numbers in this order you'll get the best result every time". It is a formula used to arrive at the best answer for that particular problem.

That's why the best residential wind solar energy solutions are not only wind or solar power but a combination of the two. By utilizing two forms of renewable energy you create power that is more reliable and the hybrid design produces more power than either technology alone.

A home built with the best residential wind solar energy combination does not rely on the commercial power grid at all. If connected to that grid, chances are the home will be selling power to the power company rather than the other way around.

There are tremendous benefits for a home built with the best residential wind solar power hybrid combination. The home is blackout proof as storms or brownouts do not affect the power supply to the property. Solar panels installed on the roof or on metal platforms and wind turbines both feed power into batteries that are used to power the home systems.

The hybrid system is gaining popularity rapidly with people who value independence. It solves the problem of building a home deep in the woods or far from cities and towns. Power is produced by the solar panels and by the wind turbine and the electricity charges the batteries located in the home. When the batteries are fully charged, excess energy can be routed into a dump to bleed it off or can be sold to the commercial power grid.

Installation of this dual system is not inexpensive. The best residential wind solar energy system will be costly as you are installing two energy producing plants. However, you can live complete off the grid, can live anywhere solar and wind turbines can be placed and your home will be totally self sustaining when it comes to electricity.


You may think the best resident wind solar energy is produced by making a choice between capturing energy from the sun or the wind. In the future, it's like homes built off the grid can have reliable and self sustaining energy by combining solar and wind power.

It's a concept worth exploring. You can build your own solar panels and wind turbine for a small fraction of the cost of purchasing commercially made products. Though the cost of buying a wind turbine and solar panel installation may be beyond your budget, you might be able to build your own best residential wind solar energy system for only slightly more than it would cost to tie into the power grid and install commercial power in the home.

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